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    Well hello! It seems you have found your way to our lovely archive. Sorry to disappoint you fetish porn surfers who have come here under false pretenses, we are not a porn site, however could be considered very close. No, no–what we do is share with you hilarious excerpts from real life conversations that revolve mainly around, you guess it, Porn, Sex, and Poop–three of life’s most wonderful things. We omit all names of the conversationalists, so that we can feel free to share without the harsh judgments society brings. All names have been changed to obscure, made-up names that may or may not reflect the author(s)' opinion of said people whose names are being changed. To attempt to limit confusion, all names are put in BOLD lettering.

    The three main contributors to this archive are Bunny, Rabbit, and Hedgy, who is a hedgehog. Yeah. You read it right. Animals bitches.

    Please, if you are offended by anything in this blog…fuck off and don’t come back.

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Blue Frosting Poop

(Via Text Messages) Bunny: My poop is shamrock-green again. Rabbit: You’ve been eating cupcakes with blue frosting again, haven’t you? Bunny: Maybe…. Rabbit: I love how I can tell what you have been eating by the color of your poop… Advertisements

Ripe, Moist, Burning Vaginas.

Rabbit: Fellatio is a gross word. Bunny: I think it’s a neat funny word! It sounds italian Rabbit: Fellatiooooooooooooooooooo. If you drag it out it’s cool. Bunny: FELLATIOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Call me falacio man. Oh wait. Don’t. Rabbit: I hate the word moist Bunny: That’s because moist is a dumb word. Thanks to Tallboy’s girlfriend I hate … Continue reading

Hey, Here’s My Gaping Hole!

Bunny: I want to watch porn now.  Thanks Rabbit…. Rabbit: hey no problem! I’ll look at porn too. Why do women feel like being able to shove something as large as a wine bottle up their vag is a good thing–and worthy of being captured on film? Bunny: Dude. I do not fucking know. Why … Continue reading

Just Sayin…

*via Skype* Bunny: Biznitch you there? Hedgy: Yes. Not clothed though, fyi. Bunny: Put ya bra on and call me. Hedgy: I got undies and socks… at least it’s something. Bunny: Fuck it, I don’t care. Hedgy: Just sayin…

Crackhead Shit

Bunny: Have you ever smoked weed naked? Hedgy: Yup. Have you? Bunny: Yeah. I was just telling Lveta how I once burned my inner thigh dropping a lighter right after I hit the pipe. Crack head shit. Hedgy: OUCH! Fuck that. I’d be afraid of burning pubes. Bunny: Yeah that would suck. Hedgy: When I … Continue reading

Cum Shot Included…

A Conversation about The Teamster. Bunny: I love that boy.  I really do. Rabbit: I know you do. You guys are gay for each other. It’s cute. Bunny: Yeah you suck. You got to sleep with him, I’m jealous…and I know we’re not supposed to bring it up but I dont give a shit. I’m … Continue reading

I’ll Do Whatever The Fuck I Want, I’ll Be Old…

Bunny: I just want him to stay like, two nights in a row here. That would make me happy.  Then he can go home. Because I’d get sick of him and need to poop. Rabbit: You would have to poop so bad your uterus would hurt. Bunny: No. I can control my poop.  I went … Continue reading

Jesus Can Suck It

Conversation between OnionBoy and Bunny. OnionBoy: So… I’m trying to call tech support for Ableton. Worst thing ever Bunny: Eeeeesh. Do you have a dude at Sweetwater? OnionBoy: No I keep getting the busy signal I really want to stab someone Bunny: Find somebody’s grandma and punch her in the face. OnionBoy: My grandma was … Continue reading

Fuck Herpes and Fuck Spiders

Rabbit: why are you in pain? Pbear is in pain too, he stayed home from work today. Bunny: Um. As weird as it sounds…something is wrong with my lip…. Rabbit: YOU HAVE HERPES!!!!!!!! Bunny: I dunno what it is, but I woke up at 7 am and it was swollen, the bottom right side was … Continue reading

My Gun Has Science!

A brief conversation between Bunny and Hedgy that took place on the 26th of July in 2010 Hedgy: I wish I had cool ninja dreams. 😦 Bunny: I mostly have action dreams. Hedgy: Lucky… Bunny: Yeah accept when you’re sleeping on planes and you dream the plane crashes. That sucks. Hedgy: ?!?! You have weird … Continue reading