Fuck Herpes and Fuck Spiders

Rabbit: why are you in pain? Pbear is in pain too, he stayed home from work today.

Bunny: Um. As weird as it sounds…something is wrong with my lip….

Rabbit: YOU HAVE HERPES!!!!!!!!

Bunny: I dunno what it is, but I woke up at 7 am and it was swollen, the bottom right side was swollen like crazy and it kind of hurt.   Nah not like canker swollen….like punched in the mouth swollen.

Rabbit: Something bit you whilst you were slumbering. Mother fucking spiders, I bet you swallowed it too.

Bunny: that’s probably right on target.

Rabbit: I know. I’m the smartest.

Bunny: Yes. Yes you are.

Rabbit:  AHHHHHHHHH IT WAS A SPIDER!!!!!!!!! At least that fucker’s getting what he deserves and is being disintegrated by the acids in your stomach as we speak.


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