Jesus Can Suck It

Conversation between OnionBoy and Bunny.

OnionBoy: So… I’m trying to call tech support for Ableton. Worst thing ever

Bunny: Eeeeesh. Do you have a dude at Sweetwater?

OnionBoy: No I keep getting the busy signal I really want to stab someone

Bunny: Find somebody’s grandma and punch her in the face.

OnionBoy: My grandma was just here.

Bunny: BAHHHH whoops.

OnionBoy: I missed my chance

Bunny: Don’t punch your own grandma! It’s gotta be somebody else’s grandma.

OnionBoy: Yeah good call. My grandma is too much of a baller for that. Hahahaha so I kinda look like I could be really faced in my picture with Jesus.

Bunny: Oh your not? Hahaha.

OnionBoy:  Hahahahahaha nope. That’s sobriety for me! Yeah im a pretty crazy person when I dont have stuff in me, which is kinda the opposite for most people. I just fuckin love life to much, I guess…

Bunny: Weirdo. Who loves life? Life SUCKS!

OnionBoy:  Pshh i met Jesus and Jesus most definatly dose not suck……maybe a little….no hes pretty much a party pooper actually

Bunny: Oh for sure. If he’s not turning water into wine he can suck it.

OnionBoy: Amen!


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