My Gun Has Science!

A brief conversation between Bunny and Hedgy that took place on the 26th of July in 2010

Hedgy: I wish I had cool ninja dreams. 😦

Bunny: I mostly have action dreams.

Hedgy: Lucky…

Bunny: Yeah accept when you’re sleeping on planes and you dream the plane crashes. That sucks.

Hedgy: ?!?! You have weird dreams. Dude, I hate how much I think about Cockface at night. It’s retarded.

Bunny: I hate how much you think about Cockface at night too.

Hedgy: I hate this Bunny, It makes me want to shoot myself in the head so I don’t think about Cockface.

Bunny: I’ll shoot your brain for you, but only the part that thinks about him. The rest of it’s pretty cool.

Hedgy: Please do.

Bunny: We need a very specific gun. That shoots tiny bullets. And i’ll hold it up to your ear and set the dial to “destroy douchebag thoughs” and BANG!

Hedgy: Sounds good to me. That might result in destroying a lot of my brain though. It’ll destroy some of the portion related to love, the portion related to hate, the portion related to sex and lust, and the portion related to sentiments of the future. And it’ll destroy most of my alien brain…

Bunny: No, no. It’ll be super specific gun that destroys the single cells that hold stupid memories. I’m telling you Hedgy, it’ll work.  By the way, way to take a perfectly funn scenario and make it sappy as shit…

Hedgy: I’m just saying! You’re gonna destroy a lot of my brain!

Bunny: No. My gun has science.

Hedgy: Science?!?

Bunny: Yes! My gun has science and will therefore work PERFECTLY.


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