I’ll Do Whatever The Fuck I Want, I’ll Be Old…

Bunny: I just want him to stay like, two nights in a row here. That would make me happy.  Then he can go home. Because I’d get sick of him and need to poop.

Rabbit: You would have to poop so bad your uterus would hurt.

Bunny: No. I can control my poop.  I went two whole days without pooping in New Mexico with Antiface.

Rabbit: That’s bad for you. It means you will poop yourself uncontrollably when you are old.

Bunny: Oh no! You just scared the shit out of me! Pun indended…

Rabbit: It’s true. Remember when I worked at the retirement home? Saw those people shit themselves all the time. It’s incredibly sad, sometimes they wouldn’t even know. Do you want to make the dining room smell and make the teenage wait staff make fun of you in the kitchen?

Bunny: Wait, how do you know that they shit uncontrollably because they held their poop as a youngin’? And I’m fine with that. I would totally purposefully shit my pants as an old person, just to make other people uncomfortable.  I’ll do whatever the fuck I want. I’ll be old.

Rabbit: You make a valid point.


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