Cum Shot Included…

A Conversation about The Teamster.

Bunny: I love that boy.  I really do.

Rabbit: I know you do. You guys are gay for each other. It’s cute.

Bunny: Yeah you suck. You got to sleep with him, I’m jealous…and I know we’re not supposed to bring it up but I dont give a shit. I’m Jealous.

Rabbit: Ok in my defense, he was SHWASTED, so it wasn’t that hard. Actually I didn’t even try. I was just playing with his hair when he was sleeping. Then BAM. And who is telling everyone we slept together god damnit? Here i am thinking no one knew and you said something and so did Hedgy. Who’s got the fatty mouth?

Bunny: Dude nobody’s telling everyone! everyone is telling me! Pbear and The Teamster both told me. Oh and I figured it out before either of them told me anything. Dumb ass.

Rabbit: Yeah I got stupid for a while. Wellllllllllll. Ok.

Bunny: No who cares. The Teamster is beautiful and I’m SUPER jealous of you. Like…. REALLY jealous. I just want to see his package….

Rabbit: The Teamster is beautiful. But he lasts about…less than a minute.

Bunny: But yeah. I could never fuck The Teamster and probably would puke all over him if presented with the chance… so yeah.

Rabbit: this conversation makes me feel like this looks:

HAHAHAH puke all over him…

Bunny: BAH HAHAH best picture ever. I just picture you as the bat shielding yourself and me being like “I’m bat-bitch slapping you cause I’m jealous!”

Rabbit: John Malkovich.

Bunny: Oh god tell me about it I’d love if I could have just sat in your eye. I don’t need to feel anything. Fuck I’d even watch him fuck his girlriend. I just want to see it! And by it I mean ALL OF IT! Cum shot included.

Rabbit: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Now I’m interested to see him fuck his lady.  Oh here, this will ALSO make you feel better. oh this is a funny story too!!! So when I slept with The Teamster, my period totally started, and he was like “I think my finger is bleeding” and I laughed and said “naut uh!” Then I was telling Pbear about it, and I said “and then aunt flow showed up” and Pbear was like, “ummm….ok? that’s great.” For like…two solid weeks, he thought I meant that my AUNT, my relative, had shown up in the middle of me having sex. And then I finally explained to him what aunt flow meant.

And on the seventh day understood, and it was funny.

And Rabbit said, let this be my life.


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