Crackhead Shit

Bunny: Have you ever smoked weed naked?
Hedgy: Yup. Have you?
Bunny: Yeah. I was just telling Lveta how I once burned my inner thigh dropping a lighter right after I hit the pipe. Crack head shit.
Hedgy: OUCH! Fuck that. I’d be afraid of burning pubes.
Bunny: Yeah that would suck.
Hedgy: When I smoke weed naked, I’m either hunched way over a desk or flat on my back in bed. Which is super sketch.
Bunny: Hahahahaha, I just sit in a chair or on the side of my bed.
Hedgy: Smoking weed naked is unbelievably liberating. It’s like “Wow. I don’t think I could ‘chill’ anymore if I tried.”
Bunny: RIGHT.

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