Quote Book

A collection of quotes. You don’t really need to know where they came from.

“He’s such a scumbag. It’s beautiful, like poetry.”

“Sometimes you just gotta be punk rock, ya know?”

“Your simply. Simply in the way of the Gina………orange?”

“Who are you? And what makes you think you are that?”

“Speeding up time won’t make it go faster”

“I wanted to flip him off, but I didn’t. I flipped him off with my face.”

“He’s probably a composition major or something pretentious like that…”

“They brought their drama with them, in their little briefcase. Their little, drama briefcase.”

“Mother-fucking COCK ON A CROSS, mother fucker!”

“Just so you know, I haven’t needed a Triple A battery yet and I am fondling an O.B tampon in my pocket.”

“Yeah dude. It’s just boys. They’re stupid, they’re inconsiderate, and they’re an overprotective, mistrusting and jealous species despite how much they try to deny it.”

“Every time you feel akward say to yourself, ‘I’m a sexy black man, I’m a sexy black man, I’m part black, I have a big dick.”

“I’ve got some zen. You should suck it out. What’s that? It’s my zen. You’ve got some zen on your face.”

“I’m done wearing underwear. It’s too hot, underwear is overrated.”

“I haven’t seen a single pictures of his teeth; it’s not his teeth you retard.”

“Their heads can get up to six inches thick and they eat nothing but each others poop. FACT.”

“I love watermelon almost as much as….elipses…”

“I’d prefer you venture into a new dick field…a new, field of dick–if you will.”

“If there is any lesbian in you they’re gonna PRY it out…”

“I don’t take shit from Hobos.”

“I used to jack off to daytime television.”

“Ok i just laughed so hard it pushed my period blood out like a fucking flood gate opening up, I’ll be back”


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